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Celebrating 30 Years!!

Well its hard to believe 30 years has come and gone. The cycling world has changed alot and what you get for the price of a bike now is way better then it ever was. I just want to thank the citizens of Moose Jaw and surrounding area for all their support over the years. As a local independent business I couldn't have done any of this without all of you. As we move into our fourth decade, we face this new covid-19 situation we are in. I hope you all stay safe, you and yours. At Boh's Cycle and Sporting Goods, we are doing everything in our power to keep a safe environment for you here. We are open 10-5PM Monday-Saturday, the doors are locked and we are letting a few people in at a time. Come to the front door for purchases and the back door for repairs, you can knock on either door or phone 306-692-0477. If we dont come right away, keep knocking, we are here,

Once again I want to thank you all for your patience and thank you for keeping Boh's Cycle and Sporting Goods a thriving part of downtown Moose Jaw.