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Cross-country skis

"Nordic hiking" skis are designed to make skiing as easy as possible while providing maximum stability and control.


The most important thing to think about is your weight.

Then fine-tune your choice based on your technical skill and your goals for making progress.

  • Stuck between 2 skis? If you're just getting started with cross-country skiing or aren't comfortable with classic techniques yet, choose the smaller ski. However, if your goal is to improve your performance, we recommend going for the longer ski.

To find out more about choosing classic skis, visit our advice page:

ESCAPE 6 Skin XS PM PLK ACC Cl    L409078PM+
ESCAPE 6 Skin PM PLK ACC Cl    L409077PM+

Order size Your bodyweight
180 40 - 55kg
188 50 - 65kg
196 60 - 75kg
201 70 - 85kg
206 80 - 95kg
206 X-STIFF 90 - 110kg

Waxless ski FAQ

"Waxless" refers to not needing kick/grip although glide wax is still required we suggest either a hot wax or a spray/rub on wax if hot is not available

when you notice your not gliding as fast or your skis are turning white on the base then that's your queue to bring them in for a waxing.


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